Planned Parenthood’s Killing in Wisconsin Will Continue

Satan is gleefully gnashing his teeth and clapping his hands as Planned Parenthood returns to killing preborn babies at clinics in Milwaukee and Madison this week.

After the Dobbs ruling, abortions in Wisconsin had been halted because of an 1849 law that outlawed killing fetuses, but according to an AP article, “Dane County Circuit Judge Diane Schlipper said the legal language in the ban doesn’t use the term ‘abortion’ so the law only prohibits attacking a woman in an attempt to kill her unborn child.” The judge then wrote, “There is no such thing as an `1849 Abortion Ban` in Wisconsin.”

So abortions will commence—something that has made the state’s Democratic governor immensely happy. He said, “This is critically important news for Wisconsin women and patients across our state who, for a year now, have been unable to access the healthcare they need when and where they need it.”

Of course Planned Parenthood itself is thrilled as well. Jennifer Welch, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, chimed in saying that “more access to care benefits everyone.”

And Alison Dreith, director of strategic partnerships for the Midwest Access Coalition, said, “I’m elated for what this is going to mean for people living in Wisconsin and for the abortion safety net as a whole.”

Imagine such happiness at the death of a child. For those of us who know the true horror of abortion, it’s unfathomable. Yet here we sit, listening to people call murder healthcare and a “safety net” and telling the world that abortion benefits “everyone.”

The only ones who benefit from abortion are abortion providers. In every abortion, a baby dies. A mom loses her child. A father loses his child. Their lives are forever changed.

And every day we face the uphill battle of attempting to change the culture, of teaching the truths about abortion, and of helping moms see the humanity of their preborn children.

Some people erroneously think that the fight is over because Dobbs reversed Roe v. Wade. They have pushed abortion to the proverbial back burner, and many prefer to not even think about it. But the fight has simply changed battlefields; it is now in every state. And as we see in Wisconsin, the evil continues.

Babies are still dying, and we must speak for them.

In an email to its supporters, Pro-Life Wisconsin wrote that they “will fight for the enforcement of our current abortion ban [and] will continue to change hearts and minds through social media, billboard campaigns, educational outreach, support of pregnancy resource centers, and sidewalk counseling in front of abortion centers.”

PLW understands that the battle is far from over. Like them, we must all fight to change hearts and minds. To do that, we need to educate.

We speak the truth in charity about what abortion actually does to a child. We show pictures if we have to. We explain the regret that happens when you participate in the murder of your child. We direct the mom to any of the numerous facilities across the country that will help her carry her child to term, that will help her financially, and that may even house her and help her find a job.

These are actions born of love. Actions taken by Planned Parenthood and its advocates are born not of love but of greed and a disgust for motherhood.

We know it can be immensely difficult to fight this battle day after day and to not feel like we’re making any progress. The harder we fight, the louder pro-aborts scream “my body, my choice.” They shout to wear us down, but their shouts should only motivate us to strengthen our resolve. They prey on children to gain new followers, but their predatory behaviors should only motivate us to educate children from the time they are small and to have important discussions with them about the sanctity of life.

Though it may seem improbable, this is a battle that we will eventually win, for science and truth are on our side. A preborn baby is a human being from the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. And this unique and unrepeatable person deserves our protection.  

So, as St. Paul taught in his letter to the Galatians, “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.”

This article first appeared in LifeSiteNews at lifesitenews.com/opinion/satan-is-celebrating-as-planned-parenthood-returns-to-killing-babies-in-wisconsin/?utm_source=most_recent&utm_campaign=usa.

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