PRO-LIFE BASICS: How Does Education Support a Culture of Life?

In order to form a proper understanding of the rights of the human person and his dignity before God and man, children from preschool onward need pro-life education. 

If, for example, a child’s education comes from teachers who are steeped in a secular philosophy that denies God, there will be an absence of accurate information regarding the dignity of every human being from his creation until death. Secular education is often focused on the self, sometimes to the detriment of the lives of others, rather than on the humane treatment of human beings. This is where the anti-life bent in our society today began—in the classrooms and from the tenets of the secular humanist creed.

This is why the Culture of Life Studies Program is so important to the future of our children and our nation. In fact, education is at the very heart of everything we do as pro-life people.

CLSP’s Laura Kizior explains: “Education in the culture of life teaches fundamental moral principles starting at a young age. When students graduate or encounter difficult situations in the world, they are able to stay on a moral path and not be confused or led astray by the culture of death.”

She points out that pro-life education forms both hearts and minds. We surely understand this fact and can see the devastating consequences when our children are being taught by those who have no concept of God, moral law, or equal justice for all—including the preborn, the frail, the ill, and the dying. Kizior continues: 

Children of all ages are eager to explore the world around them. They hunger for the truth and can’t get their fill. That’s why they need protection and mentoring to help them learn to make decisions in life based on morality and Christ’s teachings. This is the purpose of providing children a solid education in the culture of life.

It is easy to see that educating our children in pro-life values is an investment in the future of our society. The way they are educated will forever alter their attitudes toward others and most fundamentally toward themselves and their eternal future.

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Judie Brown

Judie Brown is president of American Life League and served 15 years as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.