Planned Parenthood’s not-so-new new year’s resolution

Based on filings from 2011 to 2015, Planned Parenthood made a total profit of $487 million in five years (see here).

So how did Planned Parenthood end 2016 on Twitter?

How did Planned Parenthood begin 2017 on Twitter?

By asking for some more donations!

The nation’s largest abortion chain tweeted the following to usher in the New Year:

The link in the tweet brings you to a Planned Parenthood website where you are welcomed by the following title: “7 Things You Can Do to Help Planned Parenthood and the Communities it Serves” (see here). Naturally, the first thing on the list of “things you can do to help Planned Parenthood” is donating, and of course, you can donate either to the abortion chain’s facilities or its political lobbying machine.

Planned Parenthood is particularly interested in its political lobbying machine, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, as it faces the incoming Trump administration. The tide is turning and Planned Parenthood is on the brink of losing its coveted taxpayer funding (see here).

The abortion chain is doing everything in its power to keep our tax dollars in its pockets under the guise of helping women, especially poor ones (see here). Of course, this is all rubbish. Planned Parenthood does not help the poor; it uses the poor to help itself (see our blog on the topic).

The abortion giant ended last year with its old bottom-line and began this year by ushering in its same old bottom-line…its insatiable love of money.

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