We Will Never Forget

This weekend will likely be an emotional time for pro-life Americans, as we not only remember the events of 9/11 but we remember the millions of nameless babies who lost their lives to abortion.

Sunday is the 21st anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon and the attempted attack on the Capitol that resulted in brave passengers downing their plane in Pennsylvania.

Saturday is the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. As we reported in the latest issue of Celebrate Life Magazine, “This special yet solemn day reminds people that these tiny children were on this Earth for just a short time. It reminds people that these babies mattered. And it reminds people that we will never forget these innocent little ones.”

Both of these events remind us of the importance of caring for and protecting others and of the bravery exhibited by so many on that fateful day and of those who work daily to protect babies. As has been said so many times about 9/11 and about aborted babies, we will never forget.

But though these days are solemn, I urge you to have hope—hope in a safer world, hope in the rise of leaders who will help make the world better for both the born and preborn, and hope in a future where all people are protected. I urge you not to dwell on the past but to learn from it and to love better and fiercer because of it.

I also urge you think about the importance of families and of how vital they are to our society, for you see, when we begin to believe and teach that babies are a threat and that they can be unwanted, we shake the entire foundation of society. This destruction of families leads to hatred, violence, and hostility. Our society cannot thrive without families.

That brings us to the joyful event this weekend, as Sunday is also Grandparents’ Day. So, as you vow to never forget the lives lost to abortion and to the terrorist attacks, I also urge you to never forget the elderly.

Pray for and do something kind for the people in your life who are grandparents. Show them how vital they are in your life, in your formation, and in the formation of your children. Call them, text them, bake them a treat. Let them know that they are truly gifts to your family.

For me, the confluence of Grandparents’ Day and 9/11 have an added meaning, as 9/11 is also my father’s birthday. He turns 83 years young this year and has lived a life that is the epitome of love and protection for his family.

Everything he has done his entire life has centered around protecting his family. From his younger brother, to his uncle, to his wide Marine Corps family, to my mom and me, my father has lived a life of servitude.

He always says that God blessed him with us, but we know that God has blessed us with him.

Isn’t this what we all want others to think about us? Isn’t this how we all want to be remembered?

So as we reflect on the three events of this monumental weekend, let us take the time to be thankful for the people in our own lives who have influenced us, who have guided us, and who have protected us.

Let us vow to use their examples as we strive to protect one another, especially those who cannot protect themselves. And let us vow to never forget.

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About the author

Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is the editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program.