We cannot become complacent with abortion!

“Are We Too Comfortable with Abortion?” asks Lori Hadacek Chaplin in the title of a recent piece for the National Catholic Register (see here). The piece includes an interview with pro-life veteran Dr. Monica Miller.

Sadly, I imagine most of us know the answer to this question already. Dr. Miller observes that “[t]he lives of the ordinary public are not much disturbed by the 3,500 murders that happen each day under the law.” She is right.

Naturally, though sad and often infuriating, it is not surprising that there are extremely egotistical and/or deeply confused souls that support abortion, and thus are not disturbed by the 3,500 murders a day. Individual takes on those murders vary depending on the levels of distortion in thinking. For example, diehard pro-abortion enthusiasts—like Amanda Marcotte, Cecile Richards, and Ilyse Hogue—will often hold far, far more outrageous positions than less diehard supporters—like the liberal-minded family members most of us have somewhere in the contemporary branches of our family trees.

What is most sad, however, are the many self-designated “pro-lifers” who only sort of half care, half the time.

We have all met those who technically oppose abortion, but just see it as one topic among many rather than see it for the horrific atrocity and unparalleled human rights crises that it is. For example, somebody I know—somebody who claims to be pro-life—once said to me that Roe v. Wade would never be overturned and that changing laws regarding abortion was pointless; yet, this same person is adamant about changing laws regarding many items of lesser importance—and in my opinion, many of absolutely no importance. I am not suggesting that abortion is a political issue—it is a moral and human rights one—but rather I am giving an example, to which I am sure most or all of you can relate. There is a general defeatism and/or lethargy surrounding the atrocity of abortion, even among many so-called “pro-lifers.”

That is the situation; so, what is the solution? I think there are multiple solutions for victory in the fight against abortion, but for this week’s blog, I will point out one crucial one that is often overlooked: educating the youth on pro-life topics.

As far as I know, in the USA, there is only one program entirely dedicated to educating the youth on pro-life topics. It is American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program, which has the plan, has the program, and has the resources for educating the youth in age-appropriate ways on the gamut of pro-life topics.

Check out Culture of Life Studies Program (CLSP) and spread the word. CLSP offers a solid solution for combatting defeatism and/or lethargy in training the next generations to be anything but complacent with abortion and the culture of death.

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