The Cost of Denying True Freedom

As we approach the national holiday celebrating our country’s freedom from the tyranny of British rule, we look around us and see that we are, again, ensconced in tyranny. The chains that bind us are not the chains connecting one government to another, but the chains of something more sinister. They are the chains of pure evil itself—an evil so insidious that it has wound its way so tightly into our society that sometimes it’s difficult to imagine it loosening its grip.

Recent news stories prove this.

The Center for Medical Progress just released more footage that proves Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby body parts.

A judge in Iowa yesterday blocked a pro-life law that would require a waiting period for mothers seeking to abort their babies.

A new Gallup poll recently reported that “43% of Americans take a pro-abortion position wanting all (29%) or almost all (14%) abortions legal.”

In response to the Supreme Court striking down a law in Louisiana requiring doctors to have hospital admitting privileges, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson said: “We are breathing a sigh of relief. . . . Abortion access is protected in Louisiana, for now.”

What kind of a society are we living in that advocates so vehemently for the death of an innocent preborn baby? We should be protecting the most vulnerable among us, not cheering for laws that allow their deaths and not profiting off their tiny bodies.

When a society doesn’t want to see or understand the science that proves that a preborn baby is a human being, is it any wonder that we see the violence we see today? When some can hate that little baby so much that they want him ripped to pieces, should it shock us that people have no trouble murdering their fellow man—someone they don’t even know—in the streets?

Denial of the humanity of the preborn baby leads to a denial of the humanity of people already born.

The abortion business is a slavery of epic proportions. It’s a slavery to money, a slavery to selfishness, a slavery to hatred, a slavery to victimization, and a slavery to exploitation.

This seems so obvious to those of us who look at this through God’s eyes—eyes that see all people, born and preborn, with love, with compassion, and with kindness.

As we contemplate our freedom, let us pray that we finally and fully realize the real definition of freedom. We must stand up and say that enough is enough. The violence—both before and after birth—has to stop. True freedom requires us to care for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. True freedom demands that we break the chains of hatred. True freedom necessitates love. And true freedom will never be ours unless we stand up and protect every single human being.

Slavery has a cost. Tyranny has a cost. That price is innocent lives. That price is a society that cheers for the death of babies. Unless we change things and work toward a true freedom for all, that price will be the decline of everything good and pure in our society. And when that happens, we pay the ultimate price—that of our souls.


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Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is an editor for American Life League and lives with her three children in Knoxville, Tennessee.