REVIEW: Loving God’s Children

Rarely do I find a book so replete with facts, Church teaching, and the truth spoken in such great love. That is the essence of Loving God’s Children, a new book about the Catholic Church and gender ideology by John J. Bursch.

Throughout 10 articulate and easy-to-read chapters, Bursch explains society’s views on gender ideology, the transgender movement, and how a faithful Catholic should respond.

As he states at the beginning, “Gender dysphoria is the only mental-health condition where society urges individuals to align their bodies with their minds rather than their minds with their bodies.”

In today’s culture, anyone who does not readily affirm a person’s choice to live as the opposite sex or who does not use “proper” pronouns when referring to someone is accused of bigotry or hatred. Yet, as Bursch says, “love without truth is not love at all.”

And the truth is that, barring a chromosomal abnormality, there are two sexes and God created our bodies for a purpose. Mutilating this body is a grave sin and is incredibly harmful to the individual—both physically and psychologically.

Within the pages of this book, Bursch examines St. John Paul II’s teachings on the Theology of the Body. He addresses what science proves about the two sexes, and he discusses bodily identity. He then takes the reader into the dark world of what happens when someone ingests hormones or undergoes surgery to change their sex organs. And he introduces us to many men and women who “transitioned” to the opposite sex and who now regret it.

Their heartbreaking stories will leave you angry at the parents and the doctors—and society in general—who pushed this agenda on them, especially as many of these people were children when their transitions began.

Bursch then explains that there truly is a cultural attack on values, on truth, and on sexuality in our society. And we see how the media—through social media, television, and movies—grooms children. He concludes Loving God’s Children with a chapter answering questions about how to address someone who identifies as the opposite sex, how to deal with a child who may be suffering from gender dysphoria, and how to stand up for your beliefs in the workplace.

His words of encouragement and love will inspire readers to speak out in truth and charity and serve as a reminder that disagreement with someone’s desire to live as the opposite sex is not hatred; it’s actually love, as love is wanting what is best for another.

Loving God’s Children is a must-read book for every faithful Catholic because the transgender movement is not a problem for just some people in society. It affects us all. And if we don’t learn the facts, stand up for the truth, and affirm the value of the human body, we will find ourselves mired in a confused society that will destroy countless children and young people in the quest to conform to the heinous lie that people can change the sex of their bodies and do so without repercussions.

Loving God’s Children, by John J. Bursch, Sophia Institute Press, 2023, 240 pp.

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