PRO-LIFE BASICS: What should I say to friends who insist on all-natural foods, but then use the birth control pill?

This culture has been bloated with the idea that using some form of hormonal birth control is an integral part of being a woman. Hormonal birth control methods include the pill, the patch and shots. But introducing hormones into the body to manipulate it is far from natural and anyone making the effort to reduce the amount of harmful substances entering her body should drop the pill and pick up a book on natural fertility awareness.

Hormonal birth control methods can have severe side effects such as heart attack, stroke and even cancer—precisely because they aren’t natural. Among the lesser effects, you might remind your friends that hormonal birth control can cause unnatural bloating and weight gain too.

Now if “health care” organizations know the dangers of hormonal birth control, ask your friends why they would put women at risk. Could it be that these organizations aren’t concerned with the woman’s well being? Fact is, hormonal forms of birth control are a cash cow for drug manufacturers and organizations like Planned Parenthood. That’s why natural family planning methods, including abstinence, are rarely promoted in mainstream “health care” businesses—and I stress the term “businesses.”

Abstinence should be second nature for people following vegan diets and natural lifestyles.Vegans refuse to eat anything containing animal byproducts—no meat, eggs, dairy, gelatin, casein, polysorbate 80, honey, etc. Yet I’ve found that many vegans have failed to research their methods of birth control. I also have found that once health-conscious women learn about the dangers hormonal birth control, they are appalled.

birth control, they are appalled. Don’t be misled by so-called natural family planning organizations either. Even the Natural Fertility Awareness Network has failed to find a certifiably vegan form of hormonal birth control. Furthermore this organization supports legal abortion, which is a huge contradiction in terms since nothing is more unnatural to women than abortion.

Moreover, there is ample evidence that surgical abortion can cause cancers and depression. Tell your friends the truthit could save their lives and the lives of preborn children too.

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Phil Eddy

Phil Eddy is a former Chapter Program and Street Team director of Rock for Life.