Pope Francis Should Uphold the Truth about Abortion When Meeting with Biden

“Abortion is murder: The Church cannot change its position.” Pope Francis said these words recently.

Indeed, abortion is murder. We know it. The pope knows it. Our bishops and priests should know it. And every Catholic should know it.

But there’s one Catholic who either knows and doesn’t care or who has succumbed to the wokeness of the day to believe that abortion is healthcare.

That Catholic is President Joe Biden. And he is meeting with the pope today.

Regardless of other topics of discussion during this meeting, the pope has an obligation to discuss abortion with the most pro-abortion president in America’s history.

As we read in the Gospel of Luke, when one sheep is lost, the shepherd goes in search of it, rejoicing when he finds it and brings it home. This is, of course, true with Christ. He rejoices when one of His flock returns after being lost.

Joe Biden is lost. No one has yet been able to find him and return him to Christ.

The pope has the perfect opportunity to do so! Our faith teaches that he must act in the person of Christ.

We know that Christ ate with and befriended sinners. He did so not to condemn, but to teach and to lead.

Pope Francis must teach. He must lead. If he does not try to help Biden see that abortion is murder—as the pontiff said himself—then he is failing at his job.

As pro-lifers, we understand the implications of a Catholic president who openly advocates—and forces taxpayers to pay for—the killing of preborn children. Not only does he jeopardize his soul, but he leads others to sin.

Biden should be a Catholic first, then president. But he has chosen to discard the 5th Commandment—Thou shalt not kill—and advocate for and allow the slaughter of innocent preborn children.

Pope Francis has the perfect opportunity today to try to make Biden see the horrors of abortion and the destruction it causes to women, to families, and to the country. We pray he will do so, for nothing is impossible for God. We know that.

So let us pray that Pope Francis understands that this sheep is lost. Let us pray that he has the courage to face Biden, tell him he’s wrong, and teach him the truths of the faith. And let us pray that he stands up for babies and that he teaches that it’s not only the Church that says the preborn baby is a human being from creation onward; it’s science!

Abortion is murder. Pope Francis must put into practice these words that he spoke and lead Biden home. What rejoicing there will be if the pope, in fact, does so!

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Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is the editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program.