Planned Parenthood Meme Wrongly Refers to Abortion as Healthcare and Pretends It’s a Fact

In a meme about abortion that it recently posted on X, Planned Parenthood asked “Where does it hurt?” The images underneath the question show three human bodies. The first image has the caption “headache” and depicts a red spot over the head. The second image has a red circle in the stomach and is captioned “stomachache.” The third image shows the entire body painted red and has the caption “hearing someone say abortion isn’t healthcare”—implying of course that this statement hurts a person’s entire body to the core.

Apparently so many pro-lifers commented with the undeniable truth illuminating the absurdity of this post that Planned Parenthood had to shut down replies.

It makes sense that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want people to stand up against its false narrative. It wants the world to believe that killing a tiny baby is akin to having a tumor removed or having an appendectomy.

And so it silences those who dare to speak out and tell the truth.

The irony in its question “Where does it hurt?” can’t be overstated. A baby dies in every abortion. That is the goal. Abortion is not a painless death. Depending on the type of abortion, the baby is either starved to death, has her body ripped apart, or worse.

So where does it hurt the baby? Everywhere.

But we don’t oppose abortion because it’s painful. We oppose abortion because it’s murder. Abortion intentionally takes the life of an innocent and vulnerable person. Acts don’t get much crueler than that.

Healthcare—literally defined as “efforts made to maintain, restore, or promote someone’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially when performed by trained and licensed professionals”—does not involve killing someone. It’s simple. But PP believes—sometimes correctly—that frequently repeating this healthcare lie and saying it’s a “fact” will saturate the brains of susceptible young people and turn them to its side. It’s a tactic we, as pro-life people and as human beings, must fight against relentlessly.

How do we do this? With education, with the truth, and with unwavering tenacity.

You see, this is not only a pro-life fight. It’s a human rights fight. Just as the Nazis targeted Jews, the disabled, and those who attempted to protect them, pro-aborts target the preborn and those who attempt to protect them.

Pro-lifers are vilified in the news. Some are literally arrested and prosecuted. We are ridiculed and scoffed at as ignorant. And we are accused of only caring about the baby before he’s born. But one look at the numbers of pro-life pregnancy centers that help moms and babies before and after birth debunks this ridiculous claim.

Pro-life people understand that babies are human beings who deserve protection, love, and a chance to live outside the womb. And thus, many dedicate their lives to serving moms and babies, to spreading the truth with love, and to changing hearts and minds.

Contrast this behavior with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion advocates who flood the media with their lies, sometimes even shouting them. These intimidation tactics are meant to cause both fear and compliance.

Their anger about the supposed “right” to kill a baby is not only unfounded but deeply disturbing.

We are talking about the life of a tiny child, yet this tiny child has a target on her back and can be declared unwanted and disposable at any point during her first nine months of life.

The sad reality of what really happens during an abortion is why Planned Parenthood wants to silence pro-lifers. This organization thrives on the fear of an unplanned pregnancy. It flourishes on the blood of dead babies. And it prospers off the money it makes from killing children.

Creating memes that spread lies, targeting young people with fear tactics, and dehumanizing the living child within her mother are all ways Planned Parenthood builds its army of unknowing and naïve recruits. PP cannot survive without these people.

So it is our job to tell the truth about abortion and to teach young people to protect innocent life, to help moms in crisis, and to value all people—born and preborn.

Planned Parenthood may be able to silence pro-lifers on its social media posts, but it cannot silence us in the real world. We can—and will—defeat the Planned Parenthood Goliath. Fighting against PP is not an easy task, but it is one we are called to work toward—every day—because every baby deserves a chance to continue living. Every baby deserves a voice.

This article first appeared in LifeSiteNews at lifesitenews.com/opinion/planned-parenthood-falsely-claims-killing-unborn-babies-is-healthcare-shuts-down-replies/?utm_source=most_recent&utm_campaign=usa.

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