Justice Not Blind, But Gagged

Since the Center for Medical Progress exposed Planned Parenthood’s macabre baby body parts business, David Daleiden has been the target of much legal action. There was the Texas grand jury that indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt instead of Planned Parenthood in 2016, Attorney General Xavier Becerra filing charges for criminal invasion of privacy in 2017, and court injunctions barring David Daleidenfrom releasing hundreds of hours of more videos exposing Planned Parenthood.

The Thomas More Society has represented Mr. Daleiden since the beginning of this ongoing ordeal. In David Daleiden et al v. National Abortion Federation, Thomas More Society attorneys asked the Supreme Court to overturn the lower court’s injuction barring Mr. Daleiden from releasing hundreds of hours of more video exposing Planned Parenthood. This week, the Supreme Court rejected that request.

Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel, stated: “Justice is not only blind, but it remains gagged for the time being.” He continued: “We are confident David Daleiden’s First Amendment rights will be upheld ultimately. We are disappointed with what appears to be the Supreme Court’s decision that these problems are better addressed at lower court levels at this time. When the smoke finally clears, we believe David Daleiden will be completely vindicated for exposing the truth about the abortion industry.”

I think Mr. Brejcha is right. The constant and ongoing legal opposition David Daleiden is facing demonstrates how badly Planned Parenthood and other guilty parties do not want to be further exposed. Nevertheless, even with all the money in the world and people in high places on their side, Planned Parenthood has not prevailed. I believe it is just a matter of time before Planned Parenthood is exposed more for its many atrocities.

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