An Open Letter to Vice President Kamala Harris

Dear Mrs. Vice President,

This week, an NPR article covering a speech you gave in Florida just after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade caught my attention. The article stated that “the Biden administration would work to expand abortion access.” And then it quoted you as saying, “The right of every woman, in every state, in this country, to make decisions about her own body is on the line. . . . I said it once, and I’ll say it again: How dare they?”

Your misplaced indignation saddens me. Since reading the article, I have not been able to stop thinking about those three little words: “How dare they?”

The “they” you speak of are Supreme Court justices who studied the Constitution and who correctly found that there is no “right” to abortion in it. Roe v. Wade was a travesty that resulted in the deaths of over 63 million babies.

And though the Dobbs decision reversed Roe, abortion is far from over. Now that states can decide, the fight is simply on different ground. Yet instead of fighting for moms and babies, you’re fighting for moms to kill their babies. Instead of pledging financial help to care for moms and babies, you’re pledging more death. Instead of advocating for the voiceless child within his mom’s body, you deny that baby’s existence and argue that a woman must have the right to make decisions about her own body.

You know what, Mrs. Vice President? I agree with you that a woman should have control over her own body when it’s just her body. But when a woman is pregnant, she has another human being in her body. She is already a mom. Science proves that a baby comes into existence the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. And that person should have rights too. That person should be able to live in her mom’s body safe and secure in the fact that her mother will not take her life.

So when you ask “How dare they?” I too have to ask that of you and those who fight so hard for abortion.

Every day, good pro-life people—of all religions and of no religion—give their time, their talents, and their treasures to help protect both moms and babies. We do it out of love. We do it out of compassion. We do it because we know that there are so many women out there who are scared, alone, homeless, financially insecure, and just downright terrified. And we do it because we know that killing a baby is never the answer.

We are also realists because we know that a surprise pregnancy can be incredibly difficult. But instead of telling women they can’t have a career, go to school, or follow their dreams AND have a baby, we dare to tell them that they are capable of all these things. We dare to help make them stronger, to believe in themselves, and to love that child growing inside of them.

Here are some of the other things we dare to do.

We dare to open pregnancy resource centers throughout the country to help moms and babies. Yet those who are pro-abortion bomb and vandalize them.

We dare to implement programs to give moms a helping hand and a place to live. Yet those who are pro-abortion claim we stop helping a mom once her baby is born.

We dare to teach that adoption is a loving option. Yet those who are pro-abortion say this isn’t a good option.

We dare to teach our children to protect all human beings from creation until death. Yet those who are pro-abortion teach young women to scream “my body, my choice.”

You could do so much good for moms and babies, yet you choose to fight for death. You have the power to make a real difference in people’s lives, to help enact legislation to protect babies, and to influence policy so that more money can go toward programs that help instead of destroy. Yet you don’t do these things, and I have to ask why.

What is it that makes you look at a pregnant mother who wants her baby and react with excitement while also looking at a pregnant mother who is scared to have her baby and react with violence?

The pro-abortion movement is built on lies—lies that tell women they cannot be successful and have a baby, lies that say a growing baby is just a blob of tissue, lies that tell a mother she will never regret her abortion, and lies that tell the country we will never be free unless we have the “right” to kill a child.

In your speech, Mrs. Vice President, you said, “Know this: President Biden and I agree, and we will never back down. . . . We know this fight will not be won until we secure this right [to abortion] for every American.”

We who are pro-life will never back down either. We will never back down because a baby is a person from the moment he is created, and as human beings it is our job to love, protect, and cherish him and his mother. So as long as you pledge to continue the killing, we pledge to continue educating. That is what we dare to do.

This article first appeared in LifeSiteNews at lifesitenews.com/opinion/open-letter-to-kamala-harris-pro-lifers-will-not-back-down-in-our-defense-of-the-unborn/?utm_source=top_news&utm_campaign=catholic.

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Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is the editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program.