A picture paints a thousand words

Pictures of aborted children—“abortion victim photos,” as Dr. Monica Miller calls them—tell the story of abortion quite clearly without any words having to be uttered.

Pro-aborts HATE abortion victim photos and do everything in their power to undermine or dismiss them. For example, Annette Cumming says: “But when I became a nurse and started working in a hospital in Central Louisiana, I was outraged by the pictures of aborted fetuses I’d see on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. They presented a totally distorted message” (see here).

Pro-aborts never give any details regarding how abortion victim photos present “a totally distorted message” for the simple reason that no such details exist. The pictures are neither fake nor photoshopped and present all too clearly the macabre horror that is abortion.

How to use abortion victim photos appropriately and effectively, however, is another story. Celebrate Life Magazine recently interviewed veteran pro-lifer, Dr. Monica Miller, on the whatwhenwhere, and how of using abortion victim photos effectively.

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