Three birdbrained tweets

December 7, 2017 04:21 PM

By William Mahoney, PhD

If you want to view some social media content filled with half-truths, quarter-truths, or no truth at all, then check out Planned Parenthood’s Twitter. Every week, PP provides fresh—and often not-so-fresh—content for pushing its narrative and struggling to remain relevant.

I have selected 3 PP tweets from this week for quick a review.

First PP tweet

Um, if we can ALL AGREE that birth control is NOT controversial, then there would be no reason to tweet this. Sixty-two million women are able to receive free birth control because others are footing the bill, many against their will. Yeah, that is definitely controversial, to say the least.

Second PP tweet

Hmmm…PP tweeting about something that has no direct connection to PP and what it actually does in order for PP to appear champions of not one, but two causes (DACA and LGBTQ) in a desperate attempt to bolster its own “economic security.”

Third PP tweet

Oh man…DACA again, really? It is true that all parents deserve the freedom to parent their children with dignity, which is why, for example, opposing PP’s “sex education” is so important, since PP’s “sex education” robs parents of the freedom they deserve to parent their children with dignity and corrupts their kids to boot.  

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