Planned Parenthood now officially endorses harassment

June 8, 2017 03:11 PM

By William Mahoney, PhD

As you undoubtedly know, Planned Parenthood enthusiasts have been making donations to the nation’s largest abortion chain in Mike Pence’s name since Trump won the presidency. I have talked about this before in the editor’s blog (see here, see here, and see here) and in a podcast (see here).

Previously, PP had acknowledged that supporters were doing this, but the organization never officially endorsed the practice…until this week. Mike Pence’s birthday was on Wednesday June 8, 2017. PP posted this tweet:

And this one:

How anybody can take PP seriously is beyond me. This type of mean-spirited and churlish behavior is beneath any authentic business that wishes to be considered non-partisan and professional.

PP is advocating the harassment of our vice president on his birthday. That is so childish and so classless. Can you think of any real professional organization that would do something like that? Can you think of any authentic healthcare organization that encourages others to honor their work by acting like a bunch of unruly brats and harassing our government leaders?

Why on earth would our tax dollars go to an organization that, among so many other deplorable things, publicly advocates harassing our vice president?

PP should be defunded for many reasons, but this recent endorsement of harassing our vice president provides yet another one. PP should not receive a penny of taxpayer money from our government, a government for which the nation’s largest abortion chain clearly has no real respect. 

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