Cockamamie pro-abortion tweets of the week

April 21, 2017 10:05 AM

William Mahoney, PhD

It is fascinating how Planned Parenthood and its supporters never run out of new ways to offer half-truths, quarter-truths, boldfaced lies, and contradictions. 

As I skimmed PP’s twitter feeds this week, I was fairly impressed with just how much bologna the organization was able to tweet in a week.

Here are the top three PP cockamamie tweets from this week.

Number 1

It is all about PP. The organization is always asking people to stand with them, defend them, support them, and so forth. Contrast this with an organization that asks people to stand for others:

Number 2

Planned Parenthood, other pro-abortion organizations, and the media LOVE to trot out this guy! Willie Parker is an abortionist who claims to be a practicing Christian. He even claims that by doing abortions, he is doing God’s work. The man is a walking contradiction, but pro-aborts just relish in promoting and discussing him. (Note: If you ever want to feel sick to your stomach in just how twisted a person who kills children for a living can become, read and/or listen to some of Willie Parker’s discourses. I highly doubt you will conclude that he is doing God’s work).

Number 3

The irony of this last one is loud enough to wake the dead. If the child in utero on the verge of being aborted could speak, I imagine this is what he/she would say. It is not we who are ignoring these pro-abortion fundamentalists, it is they who are ignoring the voices of the defenseless and innocent children they would and do slaughter under the deceitful misnomer of “reproductive healthcare.”

Oh, and #gynoticians? Really? Planned Parenthood and its supporters have an uncanny penchant for coining or using some seriously idiotic made-up words. (Note: Here is a good blog entry on this made-up word entitled “Only a fool would use a word like ‘gynotician’”).

Making up ridiculous words has become a hallmark of abortion enthusiasts. I suppose it is necessary for those who do not use words primarily for communicating truth. 

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